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The conservative and integrative restoration of decorations and paintings (performed on walls and vaulted building systems) mainly represents the activity carried out, with always different works, adapted to the type of intervention. We are able to propose specific intervention skills for the conservative recovery of the pictorial wall systems, carried out on surfaces treated with "good fresh" and "dry", as well as the canvases. The techniques in use, applied on the basis of the singularity of the painting and in relation to the preliminary findings, find confirmation and approval in the interventions made of its buildings of historical and artistic interest, carried out under the protection of the Soprintendenza. The constant collaboration with architects, the skills acquired during the execution of the works and the comparison matured with the companies operating in the sector, allow us to guarantee consultancy for the elaboration of the work specifications as well as for a correct interpretation and description of the restoration and conservation interventions.


Restoration area reference:

Rita Pontarollo

Internal and external wall interventions
Interventions on canvases and boards
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