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Our story begins in the spring of 1988, when, almost at the end of the studies, we begin to collaborate in the field of art by opening two separate individual companies.

In 1992 we set up the company ART DECO S.n.c. by Filippo Manassero and Rita Pontarollo. So we start experimenting and comparing ourselves with the techniques of the past, through the restoration of decorations and canvases, and together with the design of interior decorations, through the creation of trompe l'oeil and artistic decorations.

The constant collaboration, over the years, with the Soprintendenzeposte to protect the artistic heritage and professional figures such as architects and interior designers, has allowed us to constantly confront the many problems related to the conservation of the artistic heritage, the creation of interiors and the use of color. In this regard, over time the need arose to reorganize our activities internally through specific areas of intervention and with the training of the related professional figures.

Rita Pontarollo

What I have acquired in the course of my studies and the experience of the profession carried out in these years, together with the passion for what I do are the peculiarities that characterize me. Architectural, pictorial and laboratory restoration are the areas in which I am specialized through which I carry out not only the operational phase but also the consultancy and assistance for public and private clients.

Filippo Manassero

In these years my passion and research led me to explore from the artistic wall decoration in interiors and exteriors, to oil painting, acrylic and ink and to try my hand in personal works by participating in collective and competitions. I promote and manage workshops and group or individual courses for all those who wish to approach the world of fine arts.

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