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Courses and Training

We participate as teachers in numerous residential workshops on decoration and technique of trompe l'oeil in Italy and in the world.

We offer our expertise for group and individual lessons, for all those who wish to approach the world of decoration, who aspire to deepen already acquired techniques or to discover new ones.


In 1999 our company was commissioned, by the CSEA - training and services for the work - teaching courses in "Artistic mural decoration - trompe l'oeil", sponsored by the City of Turin and the Piedmont Region. In 2000 / 2001 we have been commissioned, always by the CSEA teaching at courses of "Fresco technique", always sponsored by the Municipality and Region.


We aim to stimulate and develop personal creativity, the search for our expressive style and create courses aimed at all levels of preparation, from beginners to professionals. We build customized training modules based on precise and shared objectives and personal needs, in terms of time, schedules and desired goals. Contact us without obligation to evaluate with us the possibilities and objectives you wish to achieve.


Head of the training area:

Filippo Manassero

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